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The International Conference on Gender Equality (ICGE) is a prestigious event that seeks to bring together individuals from around the world who are passionate about advancing gender equality and achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5 in developing economies.


This conference aims to foster global dialogue, promote collaboration, and share innovative strategies to promote gender equality. Through insightful discussions, thought-provoking presentations, and networking opportunities, the conference seeks to contribute to the empowerment of women and the overall advancement of societies worldwide. Join us as we collectively strive towards a future where every individual, regardless of their gender, can thrive and contribute to sustainable development.


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The conference, using the global targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goal 5, and the state of Ghana’s implementation of this goal, plus, the understanding of the several challenges facing gender equity and woman’s empowerment in Ghana, to lead an open discussion on gender equality in developing economies with this international dialogue, to achieve a shared commitment to action.



The conference will serve as an entry point for the broader discussion on gender equity and women’s empowerment, and how this can be promoted.



It is anticipated that during the conference, participants and all other interest groups will share their perspectives, ideas and the ideals of their reality, which will then be shaped into projects that can promote gender equity within the prevailing legal, regulatory and policy framework in Ghana.  

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