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Scope and description of the conference

The Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection will deliver the keynote address. Oheneyere Gifty Anti, researchers, leading experts, and policymakers, and among others will deliver the sectional and technical presentations. The Conference will be delivered using a hybrid structure (in-person and Virtual via Zoom). The sessions themselves will adopt participatory facilitation approaches. There will be breakout sessions with interactive discussions, plenary discussions, workshops, questions and answer sessions, poster presentations and facilitator-led PowerPoint Presentations. The presentations will be guided by the objectives of the conference. The plenary sessions will include keynote addresses by renowned experts and policymakers.  The panel discussions will provide opportunities for in-depth exploration of the conference themes. The Workshops will focus on practical skills-building and capacity development. The paper and poster presentations will offer an avenue for researchers and practitioners to showcase their work related to the sub-themes for the conference.

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