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Transforming Gender Views in Our Society (Webinar)

The Organisation of African Union, celebrates its day every 25th May,as an occasion to promote the African Union, its activities and the development of Africa in general across the continent.


As an Organization headquartered in Africa, ( Ghana).To commemorate the day .We at IBG ,held a webinar session ,with the topic ,Transforming Gender Views in Our Society. Thus promoting Sustainable development goal 3 ( SDG 3 ),health and wellbeing in the workplace, across the three dimensions of the SDG ,towards the advancement of women.


Panelists for the discussions were intoduced by the Facilitator Lady Priscilla.To aid us,in this webinar discussions, were, Dr Eric Howusu Kumi, a senior Clinical psychologist at Trust Specialist Hospitals and Clinics.Dr kumi is also the Assistant project Manager for IBG.

With him also, was Rev. Prince Joe Anderson, a psychologist at the Prijan Wellness Counseling Centre.


The programme commenced with an opening prayer by a Board Member of IBG,Pastor Derrick Ahorvi.

The Lady President of IBG , gave a welcoming address to participants, and an overview on the Organisation IBG.

The National Anthem of Ghana,(English version), was sung by Lady Oseiwaa,also a member of IBG.



Dr. Eric Howusu Kumi began his presentation ,and he spoke about

  • Traditional challenges women encounter in the home
  • Modern challenges women encounter in the home.
  • Strategies to improve the Transformational agenda.




Participants, took turns to ask questions after the presentation by Dr Kumi.


The Second presentation, which was preceded by Rev.Prince Amderson ,saw him spoke briefly about the contribution of women in the society. Due to time restraints, panelists discussions were rescheduled for our next webinar Session.


Vote of Thanks was said by the Lady President Richael, in her speech, She extended gratitude to all the Participatory members present.

A closing prayer was said by the Board Chairman of IBG , Mr Yaw Agyei Henaku.

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